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In this article you will discover some very useful tricks for roulette.

There are no magic tricks to win at roullette but you will find that there are ways to try your luck in a different way.

You'll also learn about the scientific tricks that made the fortune of their inventors.

13 numbers roulette trick

The 13 numbers to the wheel method is a well-known trick used by professional players. It is not based on mathematical calculations or formulas that have no basis in a game like roulette. In roulette the ball can fall into any number or color on each round regardless of what came out before. The 13 number trick is based on this rule, but let's see how it works.

How this roulette trick works

This trick has always given me great satisfaction both on live roulette and software.

It's based on the (real) principle that the ball has the same chances of falling anywhere on the wheel with every play. No account is taken of numbers that have previously come out or colors. It is the only system, apart from playing white or black, that allows you to have your bets evenly distributed throughout the arc of the wheel. To make sure you can withdraw your winnings, I recommend that you only play at AAMS online casinos.

You bet the same amount of chips on each number.

By betting 13€ you can win 36€ so more than double.

How to choose the 13 lucky numbers?

To choose you have to forget the table and only look at the wheel. Start to choose the numbers starting from 0 and, jumping two at a time, choose alternately a black and a red.


  1. 0
  2. 15
  3. 21
  4. 17
  5. 27
  6. 11
  7. 23
  8. 24
  9. 1
  10. 31
  11. 18
  12. 28
  13. 35

The thirteenth one could be 3 or 35. I prefer 35.

I always advise you to rewrite them in order of size so that it is easier to place bets. Here they are:

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 11
  4. 15
  5. 17
  6. 18
  7. 21
  8. 23
  9. 24
  10. 27
  11. 28
  12. 31
  13. 35

You can also start from a different number, thus building other series of numbers to play alternately.

In which online casino to play?

One of the best online casinos to try this trick in is 888 Casino because it offers a wide range of roulette. Also, playing with 888 Casino's roulette you can turn the Fun Bonus into a Real Bonus and have other chances of winning. Check out https://www.topratedcasinosites.co.uk to find the best online casino bonuses and more.

Which roulette to choose?

French roulette has a better payout percentage than American roulette. With American roulette, having a number in (the 00), you'll start out even more disadvantaged than the bank. I therefore advise you to choose French roulette in the live or software variant.

Written by

Lucas Beasley, September 5, 2019

Win on Slots

Slots can be extremely entertaining, which is why many players prefer them - whether they are playing online or online casinos. But other than for fun, slots can also be played for another purpose - generating big profits. Yes, that's right, if you play well enough and you can make a lot of money with a slot strategy. However, don't think it's super easy, winning a slot machine is never, but it will certainly be interesting.

When playing slots for fun and entertainment - there are no rules to follow. You just choose a slot that you like, play for free (online) or with a minimal wager, and don't think too much.

Things get a little more complicated when you bet more and your main goal is to make money. If you want to maximize your chances of winning slots and take your game to the next level - there are some tips and rules to help you just follow them.

To earn more and more you need to carefully select the Slot Machine. Play the ones that offer more profits and more chances (lines) to win.Check out which slots are better and play on them. Most newcomers would stop playing in more colorful and attractive visual slots, but this will not help with the main purpose - generating profits. That is why you should not be impressed by the effects of the slots, but carefully review what the winning combinations are and what the payoffs are.

Always check the player return (so-called RTP) before starting a game on a slot . Usually it is written in percentages - these are the percentage of the bet that the Slot is paying back to the players. It does not show how much money you will get back - you can actually earn a lot more.You may be wondering where to find your player return on slots. Real fastest can be done with a fast internet search. Many websites have slots reviews and will give you a rate of return on the slots. With some slots, you may find RTPwritten directly to them (usually in the Help section if played online). Player return rates typically range between 92 and 97 percent, but it's best to play those with a percentage above 96.

When choosing a slot, consider whether it is low or high risk. Low risk ones give you profits often, but as expected - they are smaller. High-risk slots give less profits, but they are much larger. It is up to you to decide whether you would like to take the risk and play like a big high-risk slider fish and win a large sum, or vice versa. You can try both types of slots and decide which type of game you like best.

Try playing less popular slots. Every licensed casino likes to launch the most popular slots and stuff them in the eyes of the players, but that doesn't mean that they win more or more. In fact, the more unpopular slot machines are in most cases a better option when it comes to generating profits. Again - experiment, see which slots are the most profitable and enjoyable to play, and keep going.

Think like a winner. When you play slots and you want to make good money, you have to agree that this will not work if you play with a 10 cent bet. No matter what you get out of spins with that bet, even the biggest winnings will be null and void. If you play slots and your big money is the goal - you have to bet more. Remember, most Slots pay the winnings at stake. The idea here is not to bet amounts that you cannot afford and finish your game in a matter of minutes, but you should not play a void where you will not win anything even with a large combination.

Last but not least - trust other players. This, of course, cannot be the case for playing poker, for example, but slots are a factor. If certain players give up certain slots and claim that they are not winning - don't think you will be in luck. In most cases, the experience of other players does not lie, at least not in the slots. So take advantage of the experience and opinions of other players and avoid such slots. This will give you more opportunities to try others, hopefully more profitable and good ones.

Written by

Lucas Beasley, August 1, 2019

What are the casino player return rates?

Players in online casinos probably do not realize that the payout rate - the return on the player - is not standard. In this article, we will briefly explain what Return on Player (so-called RTP) is in order to decide which casinos are best suited to play.

What does return to the player mean?

Return to the player is recorded in percentages and shows how often the player will win a game. The higher the percentage, the more often the player will win in the long run. At 100% return, the chances of a player winning are equal to those of a casino. If the return on the player is over 100%, this usually means that the casino will lose money from the players of that particular game for a longer period of time.

Players can calculate the return for a casino game themselves using the following formula:

RTP = (total player return) / (total player bets)

Total Player Bets - This is the amount of each starting bet for each giveaway / play by each individual player for a given period during which a particular game is audited (usually one calendar month).

Sum Returned to the Player - The net amount a player earns for a given / play out. In table games, the stake is not counted towards the return to the player, but only the net profit. For slot games and video poker, the original bet is removed after placing it. The amount returned to the player is earned based on the game winnings table and the outcome of the game.

Because online casinos have more competition than real casinos, they compete against the global market, not by geographical location.Accordingly, their return to the player is higher than in real casinos - this gives a greater opportunity for players to profit. It is not uncommon to see a return of 80% for certain games in real casinos, while in most online casinos it will be up to 90%.

Return to the player is the opposite of another important factor - the advantage of the casino. While the return to the game shows its potential chances of winning, the advantage for the casino shows the opposite - the percentage advantage for the casino in a given game.

All reputable online casinos must show the return to the player of each game in a clear and visible place. The percentage of this must be verified and accurate so that players can decide for themselves what the winning chances are and whether they play a game.

That is why it is important for you as players to understand what return on the player means and what the benefits of the casino are. These are two terms that can help you make money in the long run.

And don't forget, be responsible, if you can't stop gambling you are a problem gambler and you have to search for help.

Written by

Adam Wynne, July 25, 2019

Five Tips for Safety in Online Casinos

Nowadays it is much safer than before playing and winning at an online casino.Fortunately for players, online casinos have made great efforts to ensure the safety of their players. But of course, it is never superfluous to take additional security measures. If you follow some simple safety tips, this will ensure your security and give you a much better gaming experience.

Read before you play.

More than 2000 online casinos operate at any given time. So it is very safe to say that their terms of use vary widely. These conditions include rules and regulations, such as cash withdrawal requirements. It is therefore very important that you read these rules, that is, read the terms of use.

Check your casino license.

You will probably be surprised to find out how many casinos are not licensed for gambling. That is, they are not licensed to take your money, and this is a pretty sure indicator that it is highly possible that you will not receive your profits if you make money. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you check your online casino license before you bet on it. In most casinos that deserve a chance, you'll find a About Us page. This page should describe your license number and address. Print a copy of this information to protect yourself from problems that may occur with the website. If the casino is bona fide, its managers will not mind showing you what licenses and certificates they have, where they are licensed, and how to contact them when needed.

Do not create multiple accounts.

Some of you may have thought about making more than one account at an online casino. Definitely don't do this! Most online casinos have rules that prohibit one person from opening more than one account, and failure to do so may result in a ban on withdrawing earned funds. In addition, if you have multiple accounts, online casinos may accuse you of rewards and special offers. To be safe, it is advisable to have only one online casino account.

First, play for free.

Most conscientious online casinos offer new players the opportunity to try some of the games for free before switching to paid versions. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the casino software, technical requirements, and allow you to try out a few games before choosing the right one for you. If you are new to the world of online casinos, this is the surest method to take your first steps into it.

Check the ratings and reviews of online casinos.

There are numerous websites that allow you to see casino reviews as well as their ratings. It is important to check which sites are blacklisted and which are listed as security. Look out for customer complaints, suspicious software, defects in customer support, and a missing or bad pay history. This will allow you to find out which online casinos are unfair to players and should be avoided. On the other hand, you will also find which ones have an excellent reputation and are safe for you.

Written by

Zara Ley, July 22, 2019