What are the casino player return rates?

Players in online casinos probably do not realize that the payout rate - the return on the player - is not standard. In this article, we will briefly explain what Return on Player (so-called RTP) is in order to decide which casinos are best suited to play.

What are the casino player return rates?

What does return to the player mean?

Return to the player is recorded in percentages and shows how often the player will win a game. The higher the percentage, the more often the player will win in the long run. At 100% return, the chances of a player winning are equal to those of a casino. If the return on the player is over 100%, this usually means that the casino will lose money from the players of that particular game for a longer period of time.

Players can calculate the return for a casino game themselves using the following formula:

RTP = (total player return) / (total player bets)

Total Player Bets - This is the amount of each starting bet for each giveaway / play by each individual player for a given period during which a particular game is audited (usually one calendar month).

Sum Returned to the Player - The net amount a player earns for a given / play out. In table games, the stake is not counted towards the return to the player, but only the net profit. For slot games and video poker, the original bet is removed after placing it. The amount returned to the player is earned based on the game winnings table and the outcome of the game.

Because online casinos have more competition than real casinos, they compete against the global market, not by geographical location.Accordingly, their return to the player is higher than in real casinos - this gives a greater opportunity for players to profit. It is not uncommon to see a return of 80% for certain games in real casinos, while in most online casinos it will be up to 90%.

Return to the player is the opposite of another important factor - the advantage of the casino. While the return to the game shows its potential chances of winning, the advantage for the casino shows the opposite - the percentage advantage for the casino in a given game.

All reputable online casinos must show the return to the player of each game in a clear and visible place. The percentage of this must be verified and accurate so that players can decide for themselves what the winning chances are and whether they play a game.

That is why it is important for you as players to understand what return on the player means and what the benefits of the casino are. These are two terms that can help you make money in the long run.

And don't forget, be responsible, if you can't stop gambling you are a problem gambler and you have to search for help.